Autumn Thoughts Template

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New Template
Click Image For 800 x 600 res sample.

Click Image For 1024 x 768 res sample.

Download 800 x 600 Zip File Here
Download 1024 x 768 Zip File Here

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Files Back Up

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All the files have been uploaded.
Caz :)

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Biblical Scherenschnittes

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I wanted to make something for the two families that inspire me most in my ward. This one I made for the Halls. It's of the Tree of Life.

The other one is of a shepherd. This one is for the Londons.

I modeled it after a statue I saw in the Vatican of Christ that I thought was just gorgeous.

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Hummingbird Scherenschnitte

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I asked my mom if she wanted me to make her a scherenschnitte for Christmas and she said yes. I asked her what of and she said she didn't know. I said, how about a hummingbird? She said that would be great! Here it is. I think it turned out a little bit Tord Boontje but that's okay because he's really awesome.

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