Template Tuesday - Memorial Day

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Okay! I missed last weeks, but there's been lots of stuff going on. Here's a little Memorial Day papercut with some criss-crossed guns, poppies and flags. Oh, and stars. I don't have the template done yet, but I wanted to post this to show that there's something in the works! Hope you guys have a good long weekend, if you're here in the States!

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Giant Squid Attacks A Frigate!

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Remember that little boy I was trading artwork with? He sent me something back and it's taken me forever to return something to him. Last night I bit the bullet and finished another one for him. It's a papercut of a giant squid attacking a frigate. I kind of like oceaned themed stuff right now.

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Template Tuesday - Mother's Day Deer

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If there's anything I like, it's deer. I've been thinking about what to do for mother's day for a while and kept having all these elaborate ideas and then I thought, just keep it simple. A mother and her baby will suffice.

This is what the template looks like. Don't freak out about the little spots on the fawn. If you can't cut them out, don't. If you can, don't worry about following my outline exactly. Happy cutting!
Here's the free template: Mother's Day Deer

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