Happy New Year!

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It's the end of the year and you guys are obviously thinking, "Boy, Cindy, you haven't done very many squirrel papercuts." And I am hearing you.

This one is a little squirrel card that you would put in a little forest envelope. Of course, the squirrel is actually a giant squirrel with a giant nut. If he was a squirrel of proper proportions to the trees, there wouldn't be much space to write on anything!

Happy New Year everyone! May you be happy and successful with all you do!

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Tea Party Place Cards

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So, maybe when you throw your Alice in Wonderland Tea Party, you want to make sure that everyone sits in a certain spot (only to change seats periodically throughout the meal). You'll want to have place cards that match, right? Right. These are a little more simple to create than the actual centerpiece, but these little papercut place cards will add the right touch to your party. Plus, since you didn't spend as much time on then, you won't care if people spill stuff all over them!

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Tea Party Table Decoration

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So, say you're having a tea party for some friends and you want to have a fun theme. Wouldn't a nice Alice in Wonderland theme go well for that party? Here's a papercut I did that will hopefully go in a book on how to papercut that will come out sometime in the fall. On one side we have the Hatter pouring Alice some tea. On the other, the rabbit and his clock and the snoozing dormouse. They stand neatly in the middle of your table. I might consider laminating them.

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Deer Me

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More experimenting with 3d papercuts. I've had these shadow boxes from IKEA for years and never have used them. I finally got around to it and painted the inside blue and the outside gold and made a deer papercut for Jake for Christmas. I think he liked it.

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House of Fergusons

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This was my friend Andi's idea. Do you look at this blog, Andi? You should, it's my better blog. If you don't, that's good too because then you don't know that I'm stealing your idea. I suppose this counts as cutting paper too since I'm gluing printed family photos to cardstock, cutting them out, putting divots in them and making a house of cards.

More regular paper cutting to be seen after this!

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And Again...

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So I made another one. I really like Martha Stewart's glitter. It's really pretty.

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Glitter Obsession

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So I've kind of been obsessed with glitter ever since I did those little glitter ornaments. It's so pretty. One of my co-workers, Audre, did a trend trip to New York and picked up this really cute little hanging dangly thing:

I thought, "Heck! I can do that," and so I tried it and I think it turned out rather nice. Technically it's not a papercut since I didn't use my own skills to cut anything. I used Making Memories' new die-cutting machine, the Slice, to cut out the stars, their grommet hole punch to cut out a big hole and a smaller hole punch to cut out the letters.

I think I'd like to make more with other cheesy words like dream or believe and hang a ton or them from the ceiling in my bathroom. These would be so pretty for a wedding, too.

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Christmas Ornament Redux

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So I decided that the eggs would be too hard to ship and so I'd just give them to friends and family. But now I have a dilemma. I'm a week behind in my sending of these ornaments and I still want to do something cute. So last night I buckled down and made 5 different designs and glittered them. I can't send them out today because I learned that you need to spray hairspray over the glitter to get it to stay on better when I went in to work. I like how they turned out!

The Squirrel!

The Hedgehog!

The Wily Fox!

The Snowflake Loving Seahorse!

The Quail!

Merry Christmas you guys!

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Christmas Ornaments

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So last night, in order to cut all these out and glue them to the eggs and modge podge over the top of the eggs, I watched the end of Anchorman, all of Talledega Nights, all of the Wedding Singer and all of Just Friends. I made these for an Ornament Swap for people online and I kind of don't want to give them out anymore, but I'm way late in sending them out so I think I have to! They are pretty nice. My friend Cassian helped me paint them on Thursday. It's been quite the long process. I'll post the finished product picture tomorrow!

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Kissing Not Required

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A few years ago, okay, maybe ten, I was roommates with this amazing artist (and super good friend), Kelly. At a certain point in time, she was transfixed with the Grimm's fairytale, The Frog Prince. Her research into the story showed her that in the end, the princess did NOT kiss the frog in any version that she read, instead, she treated him badly, ignored him and threw him against the wall. In return, he married her and made her his queen. Men are so strange! Anyway, my computer broke this weekend and I found myself with an amazing amount of time and so I made this 3D papercut of the Frog Prince. The above shot is the box closed, the bottom is with it opened.

I covered the box with paper, but if I had to do it all over again, I would just paint it. I don't know why I didn't paint it in the first place. Hope you are all well!

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