Greek dresses beach wedding

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Greek wedding dresses have become very popular recently, mainly due to the Exotica same story as most marriages tend to be preferred. These dresses are feminine, flowing, and the perfect choice for a beach wedding because of the thin fabric, generally used for these dresses.

Greek dresses beach wedding

A beach wedding has become a type declaration in the recent past. Many couples choose to have your wedding in a beach side, instead of the traditional positions. If the same is true for your wedding, you have to dress to match the beauty of the moment. Dressed in a Greek influence can be a perfect solution, because not only offers the classic look that requires a marriage, but also give a feeling of lightness and an angel to view. Greek style dresses wedding are designed so they reach a goddess looks very similar as can be exceptional. As a bride, there are many different models and options you can try. Here are some of the most beautiful design possibilities.

One shoulder dress
A classic style for a wedding dress is one shoulder wedding dress with an empire of Greek life, then goes into a skirt that flows to form a long skirt with a circular orbit. If you prefer to choose a dress that is an appropriate way, then you can choose a skirt that wraps around the body instead of a liquid. You may have a single layer of pure georgette skirt to give a feeling of tranquility.

Empire column dress
A popular choice for wedding dresses Greek style is the style of the column style sheath. You can do well by choosing a column style wedding dress with an empire of life and a strapless top. If you prefer, you can choose low or go with a wrinkled and folded structure appears to be an option for a wedding dress that will lead to more modern elements of the Greeks.

Make cowl neck
Another great design from a wedding dress would be a full length dress with cowl neck. A twist to this problem would be to keep the division easily in the back and watch the plunging neckline. That to meet at the waist and asymmetrical folds preclude a Greek goddess look that can be hard to beat. If you are looking for something a little less structured, so you can add a track along the entire dress of tulle.

Dress concentrations
This style is somewhat "modern traditional Greek decision. The choice of a heavily embroidered corset top with a lace collar, instead of connecting the back is connected to the skirt with a single column of tissue. Sheets be a fabric made of flowing freely. This creates a stunning visual that can be just what you need for your wedding.

These are just some of the most popular wedding dresses for a Greek wedding on the beach. If you're looking sleeve wedding dresses, you can choose to select dresses with bell sleeves with empire waist, but these tend to be more reminiscent of the Renaissance. Greek Wedding Dresses are the perfect answer when you are looking for a dress that will make you look like a princess on your special day.

Tropical Room Decorating

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Tropical room decorating ideas

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say "tropics"? And some of the dense forests and beaches. Ok, since both are in the tropics. So there are two basic ideas tropical design room, so I take them one by one.

Beach Theme Ideas
Well, if you enjoy the beautiful beaches that offer a relaxed, why not decorate your room like? Just think of all the colors on the beaches. You can go wild, while painting the rooms, with warm colors and the light blue sea, green or yellow. You can also try a similar wave in March texture on the walls. Allow the paint to make your room look brighter and more relaxed. Painted in cream colors make you look very real. What we need is a quiet and fresh paint.

Murals depicting tropical beaches is a good idea for the design of the room. For bedroom furniture, you can get beautiful leaves of blue sea and pillowcases. You also have the head in the beds of clay or sand color. Keep furniture a bit "scattered and mahogany tones. You can also have a woody texture.

The carpet is usually not suitable for a bedroom and would be disastrous to maintain. One idea is to have burst the plastic pen or stand-by light is involved in building the coconut! Imagine that! The room should be well lit. Another secret of a good quarter of a tropical beach, you have very large windows and good ventilation. It is ideal if you feel a little "away from the bustle of the city and is very windy. Definitely going to get home from the beach!

Forest Theme Ideas
The other room in the drawings is the subject of the ideas of the fourth tropical rainforest. The good news is that you can also do this if you have an apartment in New York! And if you're crazy about green forests and their surrounding forests, tropical forests, ideas themed rooms is for you. Environment in the dark side will make your sex life too!

Start with the walls again. You can paint a very dark shade of green. Please try again tissue. The murals also works here. Mutual funds are a cheaper option, but put them in the exact color may be a "wee-bit difficult. You can make the bed and wooden furniture dark brown with white sheets and pillows and green. Can be placed in more than one of these thick mattresses. A blanket in animal models that the zebra would be too wild!

One thing for those who have the luxury of a big budget, you can use one of these sources to the suspension. This will also allow the sounds of a tropical forest in the room! You can also buy in the room with some plants inside. Do not go near his room, so many plants that release carbon dioxide during the night. We have a few that seem a little exotic Chinese bamboo or something. You can also keep a plastic replica if you get one that looks very convincing. You can also hold flowers, but be sure to change regularly, otherwise you will have bad odor and moisture perfect environment.

Try to install hardwood floors prefinished in some slightly different shades of brown. Lighting should be blind to create a dramatic contrast. Use media light texture of wood. Both white light and the lights can work well with this room.


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The construction of tropical style furniture with traditional themes, interspersed with some new features. Tropical decor for your home does not create a colorful jungle look that could be used in the nursery. On the contrary, it is more about creating a minimalist look, with shades of green, because it is a mixture of intricate designs and highly textured with some great accessories with simple details.

Home decor tropical motifs and colors

Some causes are common tropical home decor, rattan furniture, clothing, grass, leather, palm prints of animals, monkeys, tropical fish, shells and large banana leaves.

With regard to the colors are tropical atmosphere is achieved by means of neutrals. For example, look at the base of a tropical theme is light yellow, like Mellow Gold, dark brown, beige, camel skin tones, beige and ivory. Overlooking the greens are mild ranging from olive green to dark green jade bottle with the blue-green to yellowish green. The accents are created with dark red, black, brown and mahogany.

This type of tropical decorating themes can not be used in a room for the family and life, but also looks great in the bathroom and even in the Master Suite.

Tropical Home Decor Furniture

One of the basic elements of a room decorated with a tropical theme decor cushions, comfortable furniture. Horizontally oriented long lines emphasize a casual atmosphere, contributing to a relaxed atmosphere. While large are obtained using the highest element that displays, art or plants. Even wood furniture is great in the tropical look fine, but when combined with dark tables and lights.

Decorative pieces in wicker, wrought iron, wicker and bamboo is a must. In fact, dark wood and wicker furniture is the perfect combination for a tropical decor. Wicker creates a very natural look, because it is made of a tropical tree that grows in the jungles of southern India and Sri Lanka. Can be used as decorative pieces next to the tables, computer cases and tropical style. It is tough and flexible, with knotty joints involved.

Wicker also part of the tropical interior. Wicker was created by the fabric of parts of the vines or herbs. Bamboo, which is a type of grass that grows in dense tropical forests, are also used for making furniture. These natural materials are woven or formed on the couches, chairs, tables, sofas and couches without backs, cabinets and various other parts of the accent. Not only beautiful, but also light, durable, easy to maintain, and is also environmentally friendly.

Accent furniture in wicker, rattan and bamboo furniture can be combined with tropical timber such as mahogany, teak and ebony. KOA and exotic woods like rosewood furniture are also very beautiful, tropical style. Furniture of this type of wood are tropical tones with more reasonable date, leaving palm trees, tropical flowers, trees and pineapples carved on them.

The tissues of the color layer should be neutral or chenilles other natural fabrics like khadi, a coarse cotton ball home made in India, or silk, even raw, especially the most important furniture. When upholstered chairs and ottomans can have with drawings and engravings in the jungle of green leaves.

Tropical Decor Accessories

Since you are going to use the big green leaf prints and animal prints fairly complete, it is best not to overdo the accessories and furnitures, with a tropical decor to your home. But here are some accessories that can be used:

Ships * The Wicker Man, made with tropical flowers
* The tapestries on the walls with palm leaves, flowers and palm trees
* The tropical style lamps table
* Palm Tropical Plants (artificial or real), or other
* The Indian Arts and Crafts
* The shell and shell
* Drawings or paintings of tropical trees, animals and landscapes
* The screens decorative wooden or bamboo
* The pads with palm leaves or floral
* The tropical shower curtains for the bathroom
* The jute rugs

Template Tuesday - The Hunger Games

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In honor of my birthday coming up on Wednesday and in tribute to a delightful little novel about children killing each other, I've decided to do this Template Tuesday with a quote from The Hunger Games. I guess it's also in honor of Spring. "May the odds be ever in your favor" has a nice hopeful Springy ring to it. Here's to starting anew!

Here is what the template will look like. It looks like it's difficult, but it just takes a little bit of time. It's a lot of straight lines.

Download your free Hunger Games scherenschitte here: May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

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Template Tuesday - Simple Animal Valentines

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Today's Template Tuesday is a twofer. I tried to make these a little more simple for kids to do, but I think I always wind up doing things a little too adult. I'm going to see if my boyfriend's son can help me with figuring out what little kids might want. Check back next Tuesday to see if I'm successful. For now, here are two things I enjoy -- love-birds and squirrels. Go ahead and take a whack at these and see what you think.

I separated the templates into two different files. One has just the animals on it and the other just the hearts. When I created the final piece, I pop-dotted them to each other so that there was more depth. You can do whatever you want.

Hope you enjoy these simple valentines! Here's the templates: Animals & Hearts.

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Bidden or Not Bidden

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A little before Christmas, I was asked to do this papercut. If you can't tell what it says, it reads, "Bidden or not bidden, God is present." Meaning to say that whether you know of Him or not, whether you want Him there or don't, He's there and that's that. There's comfort in those words for those who seek it.

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Template Tuesday - Pioneer Valentine

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Last weekend I went to the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum up by the capitol. It was my second time going there and I enjoyed just as much as the first time. They have two papercuts in the museum and I love looking at them and trying to see techniques from the past. One of the papercuts I saw was this Pioneer Valentine. The writing on it says "Pioneer Valentine cut by Clarissa Wilcox Mieling at the age of 84. Born March 20, 1863 at Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Address 893 N. 5th W, Provo, Utah." If Clarissa is making papercuts like this at the age of 84, I'd love to see some of the things she created in her heyday.

So I tried making up my own version of a pioneer papercut using some of the same elements that Clarissa used in her Valentine and this is what I came up with. Have any of you seen any other pioneer valentines before or any pioneer papercuts? I'd love to see more of them.

Here's what the template will look like. It's a folded cut, so remember not to cut through the areas like the beaks. You can cut through all the gray areas all you want.Enjoy! Pioneer Valentine Papercut

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