Template Tuesday - Llama Love

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If you're like me, you love llamas. They're kind of like a deer mixed with a camel. I had a little time before a meeting today and I sat in my car and sketched out this papercut. It's a mirror image cut, so if you try the template, you would print it out and place the dotted line part along the fold of your paper. Don't cut along the dotted line. Remember to cut out the shaded gray areas first. The trickiest part about this cut is the thinness of the spit/stem. In cutting out thin lines like this, remember to go left to right (unless you're left handed) so that you can see how much you are cutting and can tell if you're going to cut through the line. Here's what the template will look like:

Click here for Llama Love template.

I feel like all I've been doing is templates. I've been doing other stuff, I promise. This week will hopefully have more papercuts!

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The Goal Of This Page.

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I've spent the past few years posting these Samba Showdowns to take a focused look at MPB & Samba in the 70's. It's true that I like certain LP's more then others & have drawn from some LP's endlessly, but that is my style. I've never offered any volume without adding a few tracks from LP's that we've never heard before, but I do like the production & fidelity on some records more then others. It's been said that I repeat some LP's too much. Well, that's an insight about not being foolish enough to leave behind any good track off of a masterwork. If I introduced anyone to a few good albums & focused on how good they are by dipping back repeatedly to certain LP's on my compilations, then that is what will tip a DJ off to not sleep on such records. I'm more focused on continuity & in reality no 24 tracks has ever been heard in that combination before.
This page is here to look at key albums from the 70's & I feel that I've done a nice job of introducing the world to a few gems from this lovely movement. In truth, I was ready to stop at volume 12, but I listened to my inner guidance which informed me that there is nothing wrong with focusing on the LP's which I enjoy the most. This page is devoted to the LP & one's I like to call a "SOLID LISTEN". So why would I not draw heavily from the LP's that I post? This series is nothing more then an experiment in continuity. I hope you've enjoyed discovering a few great albums of the 70's in Brasil. Thanks for tuning in & hey, hop on a plane and go visit sunny Rio or Bahia.

P.S. I'm sitting on in the area of 3000 Brasilian discs & trust me when I tell you that it takes time to sort through that many titles.
I can only digest so many discs at a time and I will not lie when I say that I may study a group of discs very deeply over a few year period. It's taken me several years of study before a disc like "E Lá Vou Eu" by João Nogueira will suddenly open up like a flower & reveal its profound beauty & brilliance. So please know that there's an organic rhythm to my efforts here. It takes time for a gringo like me to fully discover this lush, tropical landscape.

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Template Tuesday - Lotus Frog

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Sometimes the templates on Template Tuesday will be a little easier than others. This one's pretty easy. I had no idea what to draw for today's papercut, so I asked my friend Kim what she would like to see. She said she would like to see a frog. Here's a little froggy for you, Kim!

Click here to download the template.

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Big Fiddle

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My friend Andi's husband, Mark, has a daughter, Liz, who is extremely talented and getting her degree out on the East Coast somewhere fancy schmancy. She is putting together her first solo album and asked if I would papercut a cover for the album. I was excited to. She sent me her blog that has all the songs from her album (visit Big Fiddle) with the idea that the insert can unfold to reveal a whole poster. She wanted it to tell a story and since there were so many visual images from the names of the songs, I thought I'd represent them in the vines. Liz and her husband Andrew were a delight to work with and I think it turned out lovely. Can you tell what songs each image represents?

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Does this description fit you? If so, you're the winner of your very own custom papercut!

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Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009011912 Firefox/3.0.6
version 1.5
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If you go down to the bottom of the screen, you'll see that this Scherenschnitte blog is fast approaching it's 50,000th visitor.

If you are the 50,000th visitor, I will make you your very own custom papercut.

To find out if you're the 50,000th visitor, go down to the bottom of the page and click on the number. When it takes you to that site, click on the Details link on the left. Then, click on the number next to it. It'll tell you where the visitor came from, what kind of computer they were using, how many children they have (not really) and at the very bottom, what number visitor they are.

Start thinking about what you want!

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Template Tuesday - Queen of Hearts

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A lot of people come to this site looking for templates. While a lot of the papercuts on here are easily made into templates, most of them are too small to actually use properly (I don't mind if you try to recreate them for yourself or as gifts). I'm going to try to - every Tuesday (I realize I'm posting this late on a Wednesday night, but Template Wednesday doesn't quite have the same ring that Template Tuesday does), create a scherenschnitt that will have an accompanying template that you can download. Here's the first one! It's the Queen of Hearts!

The following is not actually the template, it's just what the template looks like. To actually download the template click here: Queen of Hearts Template.

Oops! I just realized while looking at this that I didn't create this properly. If you print it out, you need to print out the reverse, so that the Q looks backwards to you but right in the mirror.

In order to make this papercut, first you'll cut out the gray areas. This one is pretty much all gray area. Once those are all cut out, cut out the edge of the card.

Anyway, enjoy! I haven't been able to stop singing the Juice Newton song, Queen of Hearts, since I started creating this. Good thing I really like that song.

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Sometimes Love Is Mythical...

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...like the unicorn. I keep seeing all these design blogs with all their happiness about Valentine's Day and I wonder where all the bitter girls like me are. Here's a nice papercut with some of my favorite mythical creatures, the unicorns.

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Some More Alice Scherenschnitt

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And you thought it was over! I cooked up one more thing for the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party papercut, this cute little placemat. Now, your tea party will be complete.

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