Template Tuesday - Paper Moon

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Someday, if I ever get married, I'm gonna have a paper moon at my reception and take pictures of all the guests. I was going to make this for Valentine's but everything just got too busy. I think affection is pretty year round though, so it's probably okay.

Here's what the template will look like. It's a pretty simple one.

Click here to download your free papercutting template: Paper Moon

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So much of what is contained on this really fun slice of mid-60's MPB can be sensed by the LP cover. What a great cover! I must have spent the past 2 or 3 years trying to decide what I really think of this set. At first I thought it just a sweet little record with a slightly comical edge, almost a novelty record. A nice pop vibe and an almost light-weight and humorous recording, but I've since grown to really fall in love with this latin gem.
Ed Lincoln has a warm, jumpy organ style & has put together a nice Rock/Soul/Jazz slice of MPB. Groovy would be a good word for this album. Upbeat & light-hearted too. I won't hype this and call it the greatest record ever out of Brasil, but it is a very good little record with a nice, fun vibe & every track is a winner. Also, this one is fairly rare & out of print. This was up on the Loronix site for a while, but since that page is missing in action I chose to give this another shot at being heard. As always, enjoy!

P.S. Many thanks to Quimsy's Mumbo Jumbo blogspot for this lovely share!
One last thing. The length of this is only 29 minutes. I really marvel at the tightness of the compositional style and production of classic 60's/70's MPB. Twelve songs in less then a half hour is very punchy Pop songwriting! How many artist can you think of today who can deliver 12 songs in such a "to the point" way? Very few, if any!

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Template Tuesday - Groundhog Day

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So, tomorrow is Groundhog Day. A day that, for most people, carries much hope and suspense. Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow, thus signifying the onslaught of 6 more weeks of winter or will he emerge from his hole, granting us a reprieve from this gloomy malaise? We'll see what happens. I, for one, wouldn't mind for this dreadful cold weather that we've suddenly received here in Salt Lake to disappear.

Here's a nice little Groundhog Day papercut for those who might be fixated with the holiday or just like groundhogs. It's a mirror image one, so be careful not to cut through the center parts that aren't grayed out. This is what the template will look like:

To download your free Groundhog Day scherenschnitt, click here: Groundhog Day

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