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I drew this illustration a few months ago. There's this website called Illustration Friday and I subscribe to their newsletter. They have a different topic every Friday that you have a week to illustrate. The topic for that week was "fierce." I drew the fiercest thing I could think of. I think it also works well as a Thanksgiving papercut. The amount of time it took me to cut this out was exactly the amount of time it took me to listen to my friends Nathaniel and Rob's podcast, The Gentle Tyrants. I don't think I'm going to have a lot of time to post anything over the Thanksgiving holiday because my parents live in the middle of nowhere and only have a landline and that's pretty much like life without running water for me so I thought I'd post this now. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Snow White and Rose Red

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I think I like too many fairy tales. One of my favorites is of Snow White and Rose Red (different than just the regular Snow White). This is a tale of two sisters who befriend a bear that has been enchanted by an evil dwarf. The only way the enchantment can be lifted is if the dwarf dies. The way I remember it is that the spell dissolves when the dwarf's beard has been cut 3 times. The wikipedia version tells it differently. I drew this papercut en route from Dallas to Salt Lake. I think I would like to revisit it another time. It's a good first draft though.

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Custom Christmas Papercut

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So, a little while ago, a woman contacted me on Etsy and asked if I did custom papercuts. I told her I did and she asked if I would do a profile of her and her family for her Christmas card. She send me pictures of herself, her husband and son and their dog and parrot. I thought it would be fun to have a parrot in a pear tree (hopefully people catch on that that's what it is when they see it). Kim liked the idea and we went forward with it. We both loved the result! I'm also getting one of Kim's Sweet Little Yeti Christmas Ornaments. It's to die for, you guys should check out her site!

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Hedgehog Love

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He wanted to tell her in so many ways that he loved her, but he was short and fat and prickly and he didn't know how she would respond.

Brüderchen und Schwesterchen Print

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I realized that I never made a print of one of my favorite papercuts, Brother and Sister. This Grimm's fairy tale tells of a brother and sister fleeing from their wicked witch stepmother. The brother becomes enchanted by the witch and turns into a deer. Eventually a handsome prince comes and saves the sister and kills the witch. So classic.

Etsy site!

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Christmas Cards

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I spent most of last night and two DVDs of 30 Rock screenprinting these Christmas cards based on my Angel Scherenschnitt. I'm exhausted! I think they turned out really pretty though. The design is modified slightly from the original papercut to fit on the card better. Not by much though!

Find them for sale at my Etsy shop!

Here are some details from the card - this one is of one of the angel's hands and how it is shooting out stars.

This is a profile of the face. Goccos can get such great detail.

This is my favorite part, how the lettering turned out. It was so detailed in the papercut and I was worried that it wouldn't translate well into the screenprint, but the message is clear!


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And On Earth Peace, Good Will Toward Men.

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I'm getting an early jump on my Christmas cards (probably not early enough) and did these pretty little angel papercuts in honor of the birth of the Savior.

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The Knuckledragger

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She liked the Knuckledragger, but found out that he only kept her around for kicks. Something had to be done.

I haven't done a papercut I enjoyed this much in a long time!

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