Template Tuesday - Papercuts for Kids

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So I get asked a lot if I have any templates for children. I generally tell people to look at my previous templates for some that are easier. Last Friday, I had to teach a workshop to little kids on how to papercut. I had made a page of templates and sent it to Dana who called me the next day and told me they were way too hard. They needed to have more round shapes and less holes on the inside. It was kind of difficult for me to tone the details down. But here is what I finally came up with. Feel free to download these and enlarge them on your computer or copier.

This was the easier sheet. I found that even some of the easy things were way too hard for some of the kids. They were small fries! Some kids had different artistic abilities, but they all were proud of their results.
Download your free easy level shape template: Easy Level

Here is the more medium page. Probably maybe even better for the beginning papercut adult artist. Give it a go!
Download your free medium level shape template: Medium Level
Thank you all for your suggestions from one of my previous posts. They were sooooooo helpful!

Here's a freebie for all you Star Wars nerds. I really tried to get Han Solo's profile just right.

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Winter Wonderland - The Show

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Friday's event has come and gone and it was such a wonderful success. There were a ton of people and everyone seemed to really like the show. So much work went into it by the people at the museum and I was so happy with how everything turned out.

Here I am with Dana, the artist in residence at the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. This was the first time I've ever had a sign that had my name and bio at the bottom of it. So wacky!

This was the favorite piece of the show. I called it, "What Lies Beneath." There were these two ice fishermen who had caught a small fish (I don't know, a trout? What do people catch in the wintertime?). Unbeknownst to them, there is a whole school of gruesome scary fish dwelling in the water below. Andi was the purchaser of this piece and I'm super glad because now I can come visit it every once and a while.

Dana did so much to make this show happen. She had to prod me to get things in on time and we spent a whole Saturday one weekend painting windows and walls. She even cut out these wooden animals to adorn the room.

Me. I haven't been drinking real Coke or eating excessive sweets anymore so I fit into something from Forever 21 with ease. I was pretty proud of myself. I had actually only had time to eat some cereal and a cookie that day and I almost passed out by the end of the evening. Luckily a nice boy made me dinner at his house afterwards.

Thank you all who came to the show. If you are interested in seeing it still, the gallery is open to the public from 4:30-6 on Fridays and by special appointment. It's also open on March 19th for next month's gallery stroll from 6-9.

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In Utah This Week

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Yay! I got featured in "In Utah This Week". Check out the article. It takes a little while to load though.

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Template Tuesday - Dinoride

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Finally, Valentine's is over and I can reprogram myself again to think that next year I'll have a Valentine. It will happen! Anyway, here's a boy and his dinosaur. I cut this one out and put it on pop-dots so that my paper would have more of a shadow. I think it turned out nice.

Here's how the template will look:
Download your free template of a boy with his pet dinosaur here: Dinoride

P.S. For those of you who were asking about the Mushroom Bunny and the Bike Ride templates, those links are active once more.

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Dress Launderette

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I am featured on the Dress Launderette blog. Check it out!

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Template Tuesday - Hedgehog Love

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There's nothing quite so romantic as two hedgehogs in love. Okay, maybe there is, but hedgehogs are really cute. Anyway, here are a couple of lovehogs for you for Valentine's day. It's a mirror image cut, so after you print it out, fold your paper in half and cut the top part out. Don't cut the letters while it's folded or you will get something terribly wrong. After you've cut out the top, THEN unfold it and cut out the letters.

Here is what the template will look like:
Download your free Valentine's papercutting template here: Hedgehog Love

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Winter Wonderland

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Okay, I keep blathering about this to my friends but I don't know if I've made it clear on this blog. I'm having an art show at the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum on February 19th. It will be during the Gallery Stroll in their street level room on 100 South. The part that is open to the general public will be from 6-9pm. Please come and see! Dana, the woman at the museum who is helping me put together the whole show, has done so much work to make everything look just spectacular, including hanging branches from the rafters and cutting out life sized wooden pieces. It should be really pretty.

For those of you with small children, there will be a workshop that I will teach at 4:30. This workshop is the cost of entrance to the museum plus a small fee for materials. Call 801-456-5437 x130 to reserve your spots and for more information.

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