Happy Birthday, Erin!

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My friend Erin is turning another year older today and I've had a couple of different ideas for things to do for her for a papercut. I wound up doing this one that goes along with the circus themed cuts I've been meaning to do but have never done. This is of Erin and her two little monkeys that she takes everywhere with her and teaches them everything she knows. Happy Birthday mi hermana!

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Okay, guys, there's a woman named Elsa Mora who just made the ultimate papercutting blog. It's so beautiful. Go see what's she's done and enjoy it to the fullest extent!


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Conference Weekend

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This weekend, my church had a conference that I got to sit and listen to. It's sometimes really hard for me to sit through the whole 4 hours on Saturday and then again on Sunday, so it helps for me to have something to do. On the second two hour block on Saturday, I drew these 5 cuts and then on Sunday, I cut them all out.

This one, I really have no idea what I was doing here. However you want to interpret it is fine with me.

This one looks a lot cuter in real life. I think I might rescan it on white paper so it turns out better. It's so cute!

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