Thank You Cards

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I thought, this being the holiday season, it might be a good time to remind people that I had some great Thank You cards available for purchase. Want some?

These aren't actual papercuts, but they are papercut inspired and illustrated by me! I've got sets of 5 for $7.50 (add $1.50 s/h for each set). E-mail me at and I'll e-mail you my address and you can send me some lucre.

Size: 5.5" x 4.25" (A2 card with envelope)

Colors: Cream or robin's egg blue. All with black silhouette.

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Squirrel Scherenschnitte

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So last April, I went with my friend Dan out to Port Townsend for a visit. Surprisingly, there's a lot to see out there. We went to this park and I looked up and saw this squirrel climbing across small delicate branches and it silhouetted so well that I took a picture and tried to recreate it. Drawing and cutting branches like these gives me a newer and greater appreciation for nature. Even though I did a lot of little cuts, this papercut is nowhere near as intricate as the glory that is around us everywhere. It took me so long to cut out that I nearly went blind.

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Tree Scherenschnitte

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My friend Sarah won the free give-away of a scherenschnitte on my other blog for the 50,000th visitor. She also allowed me to stay in her house for two weeks while I looked for an apartment. I figure she really deserves one of these. When I asked her what she wanted, she said a tree and then sited this poem:

Another Sarah for Christopher Smart
by anne porter

When winter was half over
God sent three angels to the apple-tree
Who said to her
"Be glad, you little rack
Of empty sticks,
Because you have been chosen.

In May you will become
A wave of living sweetness
A nation of white petals
A dynasty of apples."

I'd like to think this is the apple tree right before it shoots out it's blossoms and is just done with being a rack of empty sticks.

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Silhouette of the Artist on a Friday Night

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The length is right, the height is wrong. my head should be a little bigger and my legs a little thicker to be accurately proportioned in this scherenschnitte silhouette of me last Friday night when my plans fell through and I tried using Redbox for the first time and couldn't get Transformers, but could get Evan Almighty and it was a nice movie.

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