O Tannenbaum!

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So I mentioned I was going to London for Christmas, right? Anyway, I am visiting my friend Alex and we're going to his mother's for Christmas. I thought, what am I going to get for his mom? Of course I decided to make a papercut for her. I didn't make this idea up though, it's patterned after the style of Cindy McKeen. My mom has a few of her laser cut trees and borders and I thought Alex' mom might like one. (Sorry, Cindy, for kyping your style, I just didn't have time to purchase one!)

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Silhouettes on the Shade

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Last month I did a few mockups for Modern Bride to possibly be featured in an upcoming magazine. One of the ones I did had a silhouette theme. I used the profiles of my friends Crystal and Edan for the invite. I had these great little frames from Ikea and thought, "Hey, I already have their profiles, I'll just make them this cute Christmas present!" So I did and I think they turned out great!

I'll make one for you, too! Just e-mail me (cindy at cindyferguson.com) and send me pictures of your profiles and I'll send you my address where you can send payment.

Price: $30 each.

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Baba Yaga Calendar

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So for Christmas cards/gifts this year, I made a calendar for people. I did a drawing of Baba Yaga. It sort of looks like a scherenschnitte, but it's not really. Merry Christmas!

Oh, and if you want one, email me your request (cindy at cindyferguson.com) and I'll send you my address. Price: $15 includes shipping and handling. I have them in blue too!

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I'm going to England for Christmas and wanted to make my host a papercut for a present. I don't think he looks at this site, but if he does, Merry Christmas Alex!

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Hawk On The Wire

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So I stumbled upon this bird blog that is run by John Dempsey in England. It is updated pretty regularly and I saw this image of a hawk sitting on a telephone post (November 17, 2007) and thought that it would make a great scherenschnitte. So I made one. There's another image of some rooks that I'm going to do that will kick hiney too.

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