Digital Scrapbooking

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I must confess, when I said I would post something on here that dealt with papercutting and scrapbooking, I had really no clue what to do. I thought I would try to do something digitally since the computer is what I am most comfortable with. I kind of like it! Here is my merger of scrapbooking and scherenschnitte:

In order to create this piece, I had to draw it out first. I had a rough idea of what I was going to do and where I was going to place the picture. Knowing those things, I jumped right in.

If you are ever cutting words out and you're drawing your image directly to the back of the paper, always remember to do a mirror image. Then, before you even think about cutting, take a look at it in the mirror. There are sooooooo many times when I've cut something out only to notice that an R was backwards or that tricky N was slanted the wrong way.

The finished piece. Ta da!

After I scanned it in, I took the image into Photoshop, outlined it and colored it and placed it over my photo. I've been using Photoshop for quite some time now, so I have no clue how difficult this is for the beginner, but once you get the hang of it, it's really pretty simple!

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Making Memories

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I'm featured on the Making Memories (where I work) blog! I had said that I would do a piece that would relate to scrapbooking and I will put that up tonight. Check back and see!

Oh, and some people were wondering if I had a video of how to papercut and I do, I did it a while ago and I would do things differently now, but here's what I did do!

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Young Love

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Here's a little project I was doing for a Jinky Art down in Australia. It was going to be so cute and animated and I was going to wait until the final piece before I bragged profusely about it, but there were some problems with the animation and I think the whole thing had to be scrapped. The kids were so cute, swinging around and kissing.

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So on September 25th, I'm going to be hosting an Oktoberfest party at my house and for the invite, I thought I'd do a little papercut of a cuckoo clock. I'm going to see if my mom will send me her dirndl for the party. I don't know if I'll fit into it though. No eating for a few weeks. It's kind of fitting to make a scherenschnitt for a little Oktoberfest party, no?

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First Fig

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This is a simple one, but it's going to be a series. Does anyone know the rest of the poem or who it's written by?

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