Horny Penguins Papercut

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Today is my friend Bev's birthday. I asked Bev what her favorite animal was and her favorite thing to do. She said her favorite animal was Animal from the Muppets or penguins. Her favorite thing to do is kissing, then music or snowboarding. I figured it would be easier to do kissing penguins than anything else. Happy Birthday Bev!

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Spiderwort Papercut

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A few weeks ago, my friend Sara Egbert did a huge favor for me and took a group of people on a tour of the Washington Arboretum. She was an excellent tour guide and I felt like giving her a nice thank you. I asked her what her favorite flower was and she said the Trillium or the Spiderwort and since the only one I could find that would lend itself to nice papercutting was the Spiderwort, I did the Spiderwort.

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Captured Blue Template

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Ok here is a new template, as time permits I will get another done.
Click Image For 800 x 600 res sample.

Click Image For 1024 x 768 res sample.

Download 800 x 600 Zip File Here
Download 1024 x 768 Zip File Here

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Papercuts at the Puyallup

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I went down to the Puyallup Fair last weekend and saw this cool papercut at the Puyallup Fair in the papercraft section. It was done by a woman named Nancy Courtney. I like the 3D effect.

Then, in the collections section, someone had this displayed. It's not a papercut, more of a plastic mold, but it could easily be altered into a papercut.

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Mosquito Life Cycle Papercut

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Dear Kim,
You are turning 32 in 7 more days. This is what your birthday present looks like. I couldn't wait until next Friday to post it. Sorry if this brings you bad luck.

For those that don't know her, Kim is an entomologist. This means she's not afraid to touch bugs ... spiders are a different story. She requested the life cycle of a mosquito for her Scherenschnitte. I don't know if she was serious or not, but she got it!

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Sequim Periwinkle Papercut

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Last August, Dan Heintz from the Heintz Berry Farm out in Sequim did a fireside for the Single Adults out here in the Seattle Washington North Stake. His topic was Bloom Where You're Planted, a fitting topic for a berry farmer. During the talk, he mentioned that if he were a flower that he thought he would be a periwinkle. He said it was a very useful plant, it's flower wasn't too showy, but it had a subtle beauty. I had never seen a periwinkle plant before so I researched it on the internet. Then, while walking the streets of Seattle, I saw them everywhere. The blue is very pretty. This was the frame I used originally to send it to him, but I opted to use a wooden one I got at the thrift store and I placed a bright olive green paper in the background.

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Bird on a Wire

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Last month I tried to sell some stuff so that I could get some extra cash. My friend Emily had a birthday coming up, I think she turned 26 or something like that, and she had requested a bird scherenschnitte. As I sat around waiting for people to buy my stuff for a dollar, I noticed the telephone pole in front of me and decided to make some birds hanging out on the wires for Emily. She hasn't received this yet in the mail, but she will soon!

That same yard sale I made this papercut:

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Papercut for Sarah!

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My friend Sarah turned the big 32 last August. I asked her what her favorite animal was and she said the horse. I had found one of those old Lee Ames books on how to draw horses and used it for the inspiration for the horse. The ballerina I made up out of my head.

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My First Scherenschnitte

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After seeing a few inspirations, I decided to try my own. I made the mistake of using a 100# cover stock. This is really hard to make fine lines out of. I drew the deer from a photo of two deer I found online and made the other stuff up, obviously!

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Scherenschnitte - Hermuthausen

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Last May, my friend Kim and I went to my grandparent's home in a small town in southern Germany called Hermuthausen. We had just been to Salzburg where I had bought some quickly cranked out paper cuts at Mozart's birthplace museum. I thought they were really pretty and that since I'm pretty decent with an Xacto blade that I could do something like this on my own. Then, when I got to my grandma's house in Hermuthausen, I saw this on the wall and even though it was just tacked on and really small, the details and style were so intricate and surpassed the couple I had bought at the museum in all manner of artistic craft.

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