Saber-toothed Pigeon

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There are few things less feared than a Saber-toothed Pigeon.

I Know You Like Chickens

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I made a new set of silhouette thank you cards. This one features chickens! Most everyone likes chickens. I, myself, am rather afraid of them, but that's just me.

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Red Riding Hood

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This one I did for my friend Brigham's mom, Claire, for her birthday. It got to her a few weeks late, mostly from my own procrastination. I had it all drawn out well before her birthday, but didn't get around to cutting it out until later. Those flowers were so daunting! When I was a little girl, I had a German Shepherd named Tanya. I loved that dog soooooooo much. I loved scratching her chin and while scratching, she would lick my hand. I thought that would be a nice moment for Red and the wolf while she's off picking flowers. Happy Birthday to Claire!

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Sage Advice

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Recently I was contacted by Faith, a professional food writer for Apartment Therapy. She is getting married soon and wanted an icon that is a mix of elements from her and her fiance's life. Since she's a food writer, a lot of their budget will be going towards food (oh how I wish I could go to that reception), so that element had to be present in the image. Also, they have a cute story about sage from when they were first getting to know one another. Their religious beliefs are very important to them, so the wine and the bread has a double meaning. Faith was a pleasure to work with and I am really pleased with the results. Congratulations, you guys, for finding each other!

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