Template Tuesday - Cinderella

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I drew this in my sketchbook a little while ago and wanted to make it a Template Tuesday, but never got around to it. Now I have. It originally had a bazillion little dots all over the dress to ornament it, but I thought that might be too tricky.

Anyway, here's Cinderella. This one comes from the Grimm Brother's version in that she gets her gown from a wishing tree. The Perrault version is the one that the Disney fairytale is most like. I like them both, especially the Grimm's one where the stepsisters cut off portions of their feet to fit them into the glass slipper.

Here's what the template will look like. I forgot to flip it in my illustrator file. It's a pretty straightforward cutting. The trickiest parts are her apron strings and the parts where the birds connect to the gown. Keep practicing if these are a little too tricky for you.

Here is what the pattern looks like:

Download your free papercut template: Cinderella

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Template Tuesday - Varga Girl

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I know I've got a long way before I'm even close to being anything like Alberto Vargas, but here's my attempt at a Varga Girl. I went to Disneyland with a guy who is in the Air Force a few weekends ago and I told him it kind of stunk that they don't get to do nose art of sexy ladies on their planes anymore. He agreed with me. I think I would like to flush this out a little more someday. I like the concept.

If you're going to try this one, remember to go from left to right on the thin lines (right to left if left-handed). Have fun!
Download your free papercut template: Varga Girl

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Sycamore Street Press

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Eva, over at Sycamore Street Press did a wonderful write-up about me on her blog.

Check it out: sycamore q + a {no.65}: Cindy Ferguson of Scherenschnitte

P.S. If you want to purchase the most awesome cards/prints or find out about beautiful things or take letterpress classes, Sycamore Street Press is a blog you should really check out.

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Template Tuesday - Love Lasso

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It's been a little while since I've done a Template Tuesday. I'm out of practice! Here's one that has some tricky parts. Mostly, you'll have to be careful at the areas where the thin lines intersect. Always remember to drag your knife away from the intersection. Don't drag towards the intersection.

I've had this in my sketchbook for a while. I modified it last night a bit so it didn't look like all the other Template Tuesdays where there's a person leading something in their hands.

Do you think she's capturing love or keeping it captive?

Here's what the template will look like:

You can download your very own pdf here: Love Lasso

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Last Minute Papercut Class!!!

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I am super excited that Blonde Grizzly is allowing me to teach a class in their gallery. It will be on Thursday night, short notice, I know. I will be teaching people how to make this Alice in Wonderland papercut. I cut silhouettes with an x-acto blade, so that is how I will be teaching, but if you have scissors, please feel free to try those out too. I will be cutting out the papercut with the class and can give personalized attention while you cut your very own. I will have a few other templates along with the Alice one in case you are interested in a different design. Hope you can make it!

Here are the details:

Thursday, September 9 at 6:00pm.
Class will be 1 hour long.
Limited space available.

$20 for the class without a t-shirt (here is the link for this item: Basic)
$30 for the class with a "Bear Murdering Puma" t-shirt. That is 50% off for the t-shirt. (here is the link for the class with the shirt: Deluxe)

Please bring your own supplies (an x-acto knife and a cutting mat). Please let us know if you are unable to bring supplies...we will have a limited amount to lend out.

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