Another fantastic outing by the duo of Antônio Carlos & Jocafi. 1975 finds this team in fine form. The rapport between these artists & the RCA Victor studios is a such a delight. These artists are the height of Brasilian Pop and they're beautifully adorned by the engineers at RCA Victor. Listen for the clarity of recording here. The bass work & choral singing are spectacular.
12 songs in 30 minutes is quite a feat! The pacing & quality are outstanding on this set. Friends of this page who enjoy a nice mid-70's example of MPB will find much to enjoy here. This one goes out to my DJ friend Paul who loves to snatch up these lovely pieces of vinyl before they disappear from God's good Earth. Get this Paul. More then enough RCA goodness here to make this worth your purchase. This sounds great with headphones! Thank you Zecalouro of Loronix for this lovely share. I'll host this, since Loronix seems to be no more. R.I.P. Loronix.

P.S. There are some serious clues about Pop excellence abounding in this era of recording. Listen to not just the warmth of the bass guitar, but the depth, clarity, tempo & agility of the pace setting of the bass playing. Another clue is the depth of fidelity on an instrument like the cuica. You really have to know how to record to get all of these non electric instruments to sound good. Such is the genius of RCA Victor!
Has anyone heard anything by these artist from 1976 or 1977?

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Monster Mash

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So, Caleb and Hillary, over at Blonde Grizzly, invited me to participate in their Classic Monsters Group Show on October 15th and I finally completed my papercut tonight after lots of thought. I'm pretty pleased with it. It's of the Stygian Witches. Those are the awesome witches from Clash of the Titans (I prefer the old CoT, but the new one's witches are pretty great too). Traditionally they each share an eye, an ear and a tooth between the three of them. Here's my version. I also made computer wallpaper with a calendar if you're into that sort of thing.

Here's what the wallpaper looks like. Go ahead and download!

960 x 640
1024 x 768
1280 x 800
1280 x 1024
1440 x 900
1600 x 1024
1680 x 1050
1920 x 1200

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