Template Tuesday - Pioneer Valentine

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 6:56 AM
Last weekend I went to the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum up by the capitol. It was my second time going there and I enjoyed just as much as the first time. They have two papercuts in the museum and I love looking at them and trying to see techniques from the past. One of the papercuts I saw was this Pioneer Valentine. The writing on it says "Pioneer Valentine cut by Clarissa Wilcox Mieling at the age of 84. Born March 20, 1863 at Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Address 893 N. 5th W, Provo, Utah." If Clarissa is making papercuts like this at the age of 84, I'd love to see some of the things she created in her heyday.

So I tried making up my own version of a pioneer papercut using some of the same elements that Clarissa used in her Valentine and this is what I came up with. Have any of you seen any other pioneer valentines before or any pioneer papercuts? I'd love to see more of them.

Here's what the template will look like. It's a folded cut, so remember not to cut through the areas like the beaks. You can cut through all the gray areas all you want.Enjoy! Pioneer Valentine Papercut

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