It Taught Me To Hope

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 9:53 AM

So, if you were a woman, and you were married to a man who knew your favorite movie was Pride and Prejudice and you found out that for your anniversary, that man had commissioned a papercut for you of a scene from that favorite movie, would you pretty much want to make out with him every day for the rest of your life? I would. That's what Roger did for his lovely wife Krista. Krista, if you're reading this, I hope you love your papercut, it's in the mail!

Here's the scene from one of the final chapters of Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth Bennett is explaining to Mr. Darcy how she regrets her treatment of him and Darcy is telling her how he heard from his aunt that Elizabeth hadn't denied her affection for him. "It taught me to hope," said he, "as I had scarcely ever allowed myself to hope before." And then they get married and hopefully take vacations to Bath and sit in the Roman baths and make out every day.

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