Template Tuesday - Papercuts for Kids

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 1:00 AM
So I get asked a lot if I have any templates for children. I generally tell people to look at my previous templates for some that are easier. Last Friday, I had to teach a workshop to little kids on how to papercut. I had made a page of templates and sent it to Dana who called me the next day and told me they were way too hard. They needed to have more round shapes and less holes on the inside. It was kind of difficult for me to tone the details down. But here is what I finally came up with. Feel free to download these and enlarge them on your computer or copier.

This was the easier sheet. I found that even some of the easy things were way too hard for some of the kids. They were small fries! Some kids had different artistic abilities, but they all were proud of their results.
Download your free easy level shape template: Easy Level

Here is the more medium page. Probably maybe even better for the beginning papercut adult artist. Give it a go!
Download your free medium level shape template: Medium Level
Thank you all for your suggestions from one of my previous posts. They were sooooooo helpful!

Here's a freebie for all you Star Wars nerds. I really tried to get Han Solo's profile just right.

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