Template Tuesday - Jonah

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 8:53 PM

So, a little while ago, I was sitting in Sunday School and we were talking about Jonah and all I can do when I hear about Jonah is think of the song from my mission that some Pentecostals sang at a party once. It's stuck in my head and will forever be there, I think. It goes something like this:

Talkin' 'bout Daniel in the den of the lion
Jonah in the belly of the whale
Talkin' 'bout three Hebrew children in the furnace
And the fire didn't burn them.

Dang, I love that song. I found all the lyrics online a little while ago and it pleased me. So, here's my Jonah sketch from when I wasn't paying attention in class.

This is what the template would look like:

Click here to download your free papercutting template: Jonah

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