No Rules Group Show

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 7:37 AM
So if you're in the Salt Lake area on Friday, I've got two pieces showing at the Blonde Grizzly's No Rules Group Show. Blonde Grizzly is located at 15 East 400 South and the show starts at 6 or 6:30ish. I think I will just hang out there most of the night because I like it there.

Here are the two pieces I'm showing:

This first one is inspired by the poetic Charlie Sheen. Even though the whole media coverage of the event was excessive and unnecessary, some of the things that were coming out of this mouth were just amazing. I would sit there and think, "Who talks like that?"

The other piece is from the M. Ward song, One Hundred Million Years. If you haven't heard his music before, maybe you should check it out. It's really pretty.

I am going to try to make these into cards, little cards that you can send to your friends when you want to tell them something special. I think Sheen or Ward's sayings can pretty much encompass anything you would want to say to someone.

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