Dinosaur vs. Robot

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 8:42 PM

I did a post a little while ago of a girl peering into a warren. It was for one of my new art pen pals. My friend Rama is teaching art to elementary school kids and asked a few artists if they would be pen pals with his students. I agreed and got to have two pen pals. The second kid I got a postcard from was a boy. Rama advised to create something in return that kind of mimics what they sent me. It was kind of tricky because, while I'm an expert at what little girls like, I'm a bit lost when it comes to boys. He made it easy for me by drawing a Pterodactyl. My favorite dinosaur is the Velociraptor. Ever since I saw that thing in Jurassic Park, it's been the scariest dinosaur of them all to me. So I pitted him against a time traveling robot. The Velociraptor seems to be winning with it's maiming of the Robot, but the Robot's laser gun might just take down the dinosaur. I don't know. Who do you think is winning?

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