Template Tuesday: Who Doesn't Love a Cowboy?

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 6:00 AM

This weekend I went to visit my parents up in Lava Hot Springs which is near Pocatello which is about 3 hours north of Salt Lake in Idaho. We went to a Chinese buffet on Saturday where very few Chinese people were located. While I was at the food bar, I was ladling up some sweet and sour chicken and I think I might have cut in front of this cowboy. I looked up at him and he said, "Hello, how are you doin?"
I replied "Just great, how are you?"
"Never been better," he said.

It's enough to make you want to change your name to Venna and move to Malad.

Here's what this scherenschnitte template will look like. Like always, remember to cut out the inner pieces (the shaded gray areas) first.

Cowboy Love Template

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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