Template Tuesday - Easter Cross with Lilies

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 10:54 PM

Yes! I made it. I got invited to go to Taco Tuesday with some friends and almost didn't go because I thought, "No, I haven't done my template for the day." But then I thought that I should get a life. So I went and it was fun and now I'm posting this in the last minutes of the day.

This is the second of three papercut templates I'm doing with the theme of Easter. I wanted to do a secular and a religious themed one. It seemed a no-brainer to do a bunny papercut. The cross theme for Easter is pretty universal as well as the Easter Lilies. I like how this turned out. It may look tricky, but if you have patience and take your time, it will be pretty easy to do.

Here's what the template will look like:
Download Easter Cross with Lilies papercut.

Remember, first cut out the gray area. The dotted line goes on the fold. Do not cut anything on the dotted line. Once you've cut out the gray areas, cut out the outer edge.

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